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… Than Meets the Eye
May 2003

Award Winner

Season Fifth (Buffy)
Rating PG
Spoiler(s) “the Body” (S5-16)
Genre Action
Length 14,353 words
Main Character(s) Brief appearances, but no sustained use of primary Buffy characters
Teaser An unexpected farewell. An unplanned beginning. Life — and death — on the mean streets of Sunnydale.
Prior reading(s): This story will be enhanced if you’ve read “Come to My Window” first, and possibly “Shadow and Substance” as well.
Remix Deird1 remixed this story here as “Sunnydale Stakeout”.

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Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards, Round 16 - Runner-Up, Best Crossover (TV)
December 2008
Absence of Light Awards, Round 3  Judges Choice
May 2010